Star charts

On this page you can download PDF star maps of the entire sky. Or simply view them on screen as jpgs.

I created these star charts using open source PP3 software. I modified the original source code and fixed some errors in the original constellation lines file. I’ve included most Messier objects and lots of other interesting deepsky objects on the charts. Mostly personal favourites and other showpiece objects. Many of those south of -35 degrees I hope to see one day! Hopefully there are no serious omissions.

The 8 charts cover the entire sky. Six of the charts are centred on the celestial equator and extend to roughly 50 degrees north and south. The other two charts are centred on the north and south celestial poles.

All star charts (8 pages / 19 MB, pdf)

The individual charts are shown below.  Click the images below to open a star chart on screen. Chances are they’ll be unreadable on small screens. They were designed to be printed 🙂