Quick look at Saturn


Haven’t had the Dobsonian out in ages.  No excuse really….it takes a minute to set up and I only have to move it about 2 metres from the garage to the drive!

I was too late to see Jupiter before it disappeared behind the neighbour’s house but I got a quick look at Saturn.  I snapped the picture with the camera phone at the eyepiece. Took about 20 attempts to get a couple of images like this one.  I’m without the QHY5 camera at present…driver issues with Windows 10 I think 🙁

At just 10 degrees above the horizon the view was mushy.  Couldn’t even make out the Cassini division in the rings.  In fact it was so low in the sky atmospheric refraction was giving the planet a blue and red fringe at the north and south of the disk.

Saturn is just past opposition in the constellation Sagittarius.  It’s about as low in the sky as oppositions can be from the UK.  The planet will be marginally further north next year and it will continue to get higher in the sky throughout the next decade.

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