July’s Lunar Eclipse

The full moon at the end of July is also a total lunar eclipse.  From my home in Northumberland the moon rises near the middle eclipse.  This will make things quite interesting!

Sequence of images I took during the 2015 total lunar eclipse.  The Earth’s shadow is round.  Because the Earth is round 🙂
  • Moonrise: 9.12pm
  • Sunset: 9.20pm
  • Mid-eclipse: 9.21pm
  • End of totality: 10.13pm
  • Moon leaves umbra: 11.19pm
  • Moon leaves penumbra: 12.30am

With sunset occurring within minutes of the totally eclipsed moon rising – I wonder whether I’ll see anything at all at the start.  The entire eclipse occurs close to the horizon; the dimming and reddening effects of the atmosphere will also make it interesting!

More details about the eclipse:



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